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Joanna Colrain has been in practice for 30 years, offering group and couples therapy, long-term individual therapy, specialized groups for hospitals, and transition-focused short-term therapy.

Psychotherapy for adult individuals, couples and groups

At the core of all of Joanna’s work is a commitment to a collaborative process with the client.  In addition to interactive psychodynamic therapy, she employs mindfulness skills, expressive therapies (art, journaling, etc.), Neuro-emotional Technique™ (NET), and nonviolent communication.

Mentoring for artists, health care professionals, and caregivers

Joanna helps people move through life transitions, creative blocks/creative openings, and personal transformations with mindful presence and intention.

Joanna works with a variety of issues.  She has a particular interest in working with:

People with spiritual and self-care issues

People making major life changes

People in addiction recovery

Gay and lesbian couples

People with parenting and adoption issues

Caregivers/partners of persons with Alzheimer’s

People who are diagnosed with dissociative disorders

(Joanna will be glad to talk with you on the phone to set an appointment or provide referrals.)

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